Reinstall new Windows or update applications

Update all my applications : sudo apt-get …. ops… c’est pas Linux.

Create or select the package to install :


 3Windows Package Manager v1.3.2691
 4Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
 6The winget command line utility enables installing applications and other packages from the command line.
 8usage: winget [<command>] [<options>]
10The following commands are available:
11install    Installs the given package
12show       Shows information about a package
13source     Manage sources of packages
14search     Find and show basic info of packages
15list       Display installed packages
16upgrade    Shows and performs available upgrades
17uninstall  Uninstalls the given package
18hash       Helper to hash installer files
19validate   Validates a manifest file
20settings   Open settings or set administrator settings
21features   Shows the status of experimental features
22export     Exports a list of the installed packages
23import     Installs all the packages in a file
25For more details on a specific command, pass it the help argument. [-?]
27The following options are available:
28-v,--version  Display the version of the tool
29--info        Display general info of the tool
31More help can be found at:

To install my favorite applications:

In the other cases, you can download Winget directly from this link:


At first time, you may need to accept the contract.

1C:\>winget.exe upgrade
2La source 'msstore' nécessite que vous consultiez les contrats suivants avant de l’utiliser.
3Terms of Transaction:
4La source nécessite que la région géographique à 2 lettres de l’ordinateur actuel soit envoyée au service principal pour fonctionner correctement (par exemple, « ÉTATS-UNIS »).
6Acceptez-vous toutes les conditions des contrats sources ?
7[Y] Oui  [N] Non:

If the current user is not local administrator but you have an administrator’s account.

To fix it, you can impersonate a command line windows.  You need to open a s and run “RunAs” command is another way to do user impersonation in Windows.

To update all applications, you would execute RunAs like:

1runas /user:<domain>\<username-administrator> "winget upgrade --all"

BUT, you may still need to confirm each installation and this take time. Well, be patient or have patience !?