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Golden rule of computer security: If a hacker has physical access to a computer, nothing can stop him!

“With great power comes great responsibility” ― it was not me!

by PeregrineX

Step 1:#

WARNING: I am NOT responsible for any expulsions or such if you do this at school/work! First, restart your computer.

Step 2:#

Once you get to this screen, hold the power button on the computer until it turns off (no damage will be done, trust me).

Step 3:#

If you did it correctly, you should get this screen. If you get something like “Windows did not shut down correctly,” try again. Otherwise, select “Launch Startup Repair.”

Step 4:#

Let the repair go through. If you get this window, select “Cancel.”

Step 5:#

When you get this window, click on “Show problem details.” Scroll down, and click the link on the very bottom. Notepad should pop up.

Step 6:#

Go to File/Open, and double-click your “Local Disk” (Mine is D:/ because I have a virtual machine. Yours will probably be C:/).

Step 7:#

Go to Windows/System32. Now do EXACTLY as I say, or you MIGHT break the computer. Under “Files of type,” select “All files.” Scroll down and find “cmd,” then make a copy of it in the same folder (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V). You should get a file named “cmd - Copy” or something like that.

Step 8:#

Find “sethc” in the same folder. This file executes sticky keys. Rename it to “sethc 1.”

Step 9:#

Rename your “cmd - Copy” to “sethc.” Close notepad, and hit “Finish” to shut down your PC, or just restart it manually.

Step 10:#

Once you get back to the login screen (where it says “Press Control - Alt - Delete.” Ignore my background, I don’t have that enabled), press “Shift” 5 times to open up the command prompt.

A tutorial on how to get into an admin account on ANY computer.

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