Metadata is who you talk to when where for how long how often on what device or way.

“Metadata absolutely tells you everything about somebody’s life, if you have enough metadata you don’t really need content…. [It’s] sort of embarrassing how predictable we are as human beings.”

They know you rang a phone sex service at 2:24 am and spoke for 18 minutes. But they don’t know what you talked about.

They know you called the suicide prevention hotline from the Golden Gate Bridge. But the topic of the call remains a secret.

The know you spoke with an HIV testing service, then your doctor, then health insurance company in the same hour. But they don’t know what was discussed.

They know you called a gynecologist, spoke for a half hour, and then called the local Planned Parenthood’s number later that day. But nobody knows what you spoke about.

Sorry, your phone records—oops, “so-called metadata” …

Think. People die based on Metadata.

I have nothing…    … to hide    … to fear and I have nothing I want you to see. Privacy is a fundamental right, we don’t need to prove the necessity.

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